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Making the 3D text

Making the 3D text

In the 3Ds max, making the text is easy, let alone create 3D text, 3D text can be made with various modifiers, such as Extrude, Bevel, or Shell. In this tutorial I will try to create 3D text using the bevel modifier

3D text tutorial pic 1

click the tab create > Shapes > Text, and click on the viewport to place the text.

3D text tutorial pic 2

In the Parameters Rollout type new text and change the font you want.

3D text tutorial pic 3

on the Command Panel click the Modify tab and select Bevel.

3D text tutorial pic 4

for modification, open Rollout Bevel Value and fill in your own parameters.

3D text tutorial pic 5

3D text tutorial pic finish

Good luck




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Hey guys very good article

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